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If you think our music has made a difference in your Christmas Holiday spirits, why not drop us a line below describing your listening experience to "The Greatest Story Ever Sung". Do what others have done by expressing your thoughts and opinions about our music. Thanks!

Jonathan N.

"Sounds Amazing!"

Doug S.

"Wow!  That is Powerful!  Thanks!!!"

Tim W.

"I'm Impressed!! Great Arrangement, Vocals and Production!! I also like the unique style for a Christmas Album!"

Steven W.

"Sounds Amazing!"


"Wonderful Music! I was turned on to this music by a very good friend of mine. I have a choral background but have listened to and performed popular music for most of my life. I honestly was not sure if I would enjoy this music. I played the CD once I recieved it and I was totally blown away. I could not believe how good the musicianship was and the depth of emotional feeling which came through the music. It stirred many emotions in me and I have listened to the music often, not just during the Christmas season. Listening to this music will not only become a Christmas tradition in my house, but also a part of my Easter celebration. This music to me is evergreen. It is my hope that this ensemble will create more music in the future!"


"Such Talented People! I have the privilege of knowing these performers. They have been blessing us with their talents for many years. Their yearly Christmas programs have been the perfect beginning to the holiday season. I am so glad to have this music on a CD. These are not professionals, but they sound like it. Beautiful voices singing beautiful songs. And wonderful musicians."